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Katavi National Park



(Tarangire, Serengeti, Ngorongoro)

This is a flexible itinerary safari, one you can customize yourself based on what you want to see.  Below is a tour we might choose for you, available to adjust to your wishes.

DAY 1   Tarangire National Park

We will meet you at your hotel in Arusha and head out to the desert to this unique park, located in the Maasai Steppes.  This area, like the Serengeti, has a great deal of migratory movement.  During the dry season, July thru November, large herds are attracted to the Tagangire River making this area as attractive as any in Tanzania.  This park is home to all the major animals such as elephants (during the dry season there are thousands), lions, leopards, buffalo, numerous antelope and others.  Your lunch will be provided and you will be returned to your lodging for dinner.  B,L,D

DAY 2    Serengeti National Park

We will leave after breakfast for our first exciting view of the Rift Valley as we head toward the world reknowned Serengeti National Park.   We will see numerous animals gathered in their natural feeding areas.  We will take time to stop for once –in-a-lifetime-photographs.  This is a great place to view the flightless ostrich.  We will then pass by Oldavai Gorge and check in at the Naabi Hill park gate.  There is a small natural history museum there where you can take a short break.  We will explore keep spotting the natural wildlife and floral as we head toward our lodging and a welcome dinner.  B,L,D

DAY 3   Serengeti National Park

We must rise early in order to head out to the Serengeti by 6AM so you can see the animals move into their days near the watering holes, feeding steppes, grooming, and exercise.  We will return to the lodging for a waiting breakfast.  Take a little time to be sure you have all your tools (camera, film, lens, video camera, whatever) and we will go out to the plain for the rest of the day, visiting the Western Corridor, returning to lodging for dinner.  B,L,D

DAY 4   Ngorongoro Conservation area
After breakfast, you will have some personal time to use as you choose.  Hiking, swimming, shopping in the hotel gift shop, or just reading a good guide book.  Later we will leave the beautiful Serengeti and go to Oldavai Gorge, the place where “Lucy”, the oldest known human to walk erect.  Mary and Louis Leaky discovered her during archeological digs in 1959.  There is a museum at the gorge with information concerning the famous area, still being worked.   You will then head for your lodging in Ngorongoro.  B,L,D

DAY 5    Ngorongoro Crater Floor
We will leave your hotel and drive to the famous Ngorongoro Crater.   Then we will descend to the caldera floor to view the wildlife, including birds.  This unusual park contains all of the big five, as well as exotic birds.  It has been called a virtual “Noah’s Ark” for good reason.  You might be able to complete your animal and bird checklists here.  We will return to your lodging in Arusha following our game drive.  B,L



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