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Final Checklist For Hiking Mt Kilimanjaro

Preparing for a climb to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro is a unique experience.  You will need to think on several different levels.  First, you will need to organize all the items needed to wear, from the bottom to the top and back. 

You will need to have at least three different packs.  One pack is to leave in your hotel room that will contain everything you bring to Africa that you will not need on the mountain. 

The next is the pack (backpack (or day pack) that you will carry that contains items you will need on a daily basis on the trails, such as your camera, binoculars, medicines, sunglasses, sunscreen, water, pocket knife, toilet paper, cellphone, money, snackbars, hat and bandana, raincoat or poncho, light jacket,  rain trousers, hand sanitizr, small first aid kit, and other items you can identify.  

The third is the duffle bag, or large backpack which will contain all your items needed to complete your trek.  This one will be carried by your porter and will be available to you each day at your campsite. 

Dressing and organizing for Climbing Kilimanjaro
          Shorts and warm weather clothing for first day
          Pants for hiking and lounging in the evening
          Thermal underwear
          Long sleeved fleece jacket and pants
          Windproof/waterproof jacket (warm enough for -10 degrees F)
          Rain-proof jacket
          Rain pants
          Sports bra for women 
          Underwear (another for change)   
          Wool or pile hat to cover ears
          Sun hat with brim and bandana to shield from the sun
          Sun glasses
          Comfortable,  “worn in” waterproof,  warm, mid-weight boots.
Gloves (recommended) or mittens, waterproof, layered
Hand and foot warmers, chemical activated
Tennis shoes or sandles for walking in evenings
4-season sleeping bag rated to -10 degrees F
Sleeping pad
Hiking poles
Headlamp and extra batteries and lightbulbs
Pocket knife
Water bottles (Nalgene)
Cover for your water so it will not freeze as you reach the top
          You MUST have wool socks for cold conditions on the summit,                     and hiking socks for warmer times

Also, consider these items!

          Sun screen
          Skin lotion
          Tooth brush       
          Tooth paste
          Alarm clock
          Comb and mirror
          Hand sanitizer
          Soap and small towel
          Day pack and large backpack for porters to carry your stuff
          Extra eye glasses in case of loss
          Sewing kit
          Snacks (energy bars) for the hikes
          Water purification tablets
          Gatorade or other drink mixes to improve water flavor     
          Duct tape
          Money belt to “hide” your money
           Anything else you can think of that you will want. 
Lots of plastic baags to keep your clothing dry

International Health card (see Healthy Travel)

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