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Crater camping with Inner crater and Glacier Exploring

This route is highly recommended and it is the most beautiful routes on all of Kilimanjaro.  Although it takes more days to reach the summit, this route requires a Park Ranger to escort us for 2 days due to the animals.  Buffalo and elephants are here and can be dangerous.   This route has few people.   

DAY 1   Your guide will meet you at  your hotel about 7:30 AM and we  will proceed to the Londorrosi Gate (7,415 feet), where we will sign in and continue in our 4 wheel drive vehicle to Lemosho Glade.  From here we start hiking along forest trails to Mti Mkubwa Campsite (9186 feet).  We will set up camp, have dinner and retire to our tents. 

DAY 2  After breakfast, we will continue ascending through the beautiful rainforest.  Soon we will reach a wide moorland zone and we will cross many streams before reaching the Shira Ridge.  We will descend a little to Shira I Camp (11,840), which is located near a stream on the Shira Plateau.  Here we will meet up with many other hiking teams for the night.  Dinner and overnight.  lala salama.

DAY 3    After breakfast we will begin hiking across the Shira Plateau, the flat caldera of the volcano that was actually was bigger and much older than Kilimanjaro.  The plateau is one of the highest on the earth (12,500ft).  We will complete our day hiking to Shira Camp 2 (12,600ft).  Again, you will be greeted by your crews and guided to your camp site.  After a short rest (there will be an opportunity to clean up a little) and lunch, we will organize a guided tour pointing out the unusual flora and fauna.  Be sure to bring your camera.  Dinner and overnight.  Don’t forget to take a little time to write in your journal. 

DAY 4    Today will be an easier day.  After breakfast, we will have a short half day of hiking through the traverse across valleys which have been gouged out by glaciers.  We will be traveling at a slower pace in order to allow for gradual acclimatization.  We will reach our next camp at Lava Tower (15,000ft) around lunch time.  After lunch, we will take a short rest, and then climb to the top of the Lava Tower.  The views from the top are unbelievably spectacular.  If you choose, you can ascend to Arrow Glacier (15,600ft) for further acclimatization. We will return to the dining hall for dinner, then to bed for lala.  Lala salama.  (OPTION) You can descend to Baranco campsite in 2 hours but you may lose some acclimatization benefits.
DAY 5     This day, we will descend the steep train into the Greater Baranco Valley.  Here you can find some rare plantssuch as the Groundsuls (Senecio Kilimanjari) and Giant Lobelia.  We will start climbing the Baranco Wall  (not a techinal climb) then descend into Karanga Campsite (10,743ft).  There, we will have a hot lunch and spend the afternoon relaxing, studying the flora and fauna, or even catching up on your journal with a cup of tea or the best Tanzanian coffee.  We will go out on the trail again later when you can see the beautiful sunset over Mt Meru.  We will return to the camp on time for dinner and another short  trip  to a wonderful place to see  Moshi town  with its lights at the  bottom  of the mountain.  Lala salama

Day  6.This will  continue to  Barafu Camp (15,088 ft) passing  through the desert  zone  and  seeing  the  closest view yet of  the  great mountain. On  the way we will cross easy rocks and snow (winter season). We  will have a nice lunch at the camp followed by  a short  trek in  the  area. We will  have early dinner after which your guide will tell you what to expect for the next morning.

Day 7     Around dawn, we will wake you with tea or coffee and cookies.  We will provide you a box breakfast for you to snack on (e.g. energy bars, orange juice, etc.) during your morning hike.  Our hike this day will take us to the edge of the crater at Stella Point (18,800 ft).  After a short rest here for photos or just putting up your feet, we will descend to the floor of the crater.  After short (30 minutes or so) hike down a slight declining slope across the lunar landscape of the inner crater, we will reach the Crater campsite.  We will establish our site on the soft sands near the retreating Furtwanglar Glacier.  Rest and enjoy a light lunch with hot drinks.  We will be sure to explore this unique landscape we have heard so much about in our news reports and include a trip to the Reusch Crater, the Ash Pit, and the other glaciers.  We will return to our camp for light dinner, after which your guide will tell you what to expect for tomorrow.  You will retire early, as you will need a good night’s sleep. 

DAY 8  Early in the morning (about 4 AM) your guide will wake you and be sure you will be ready to begin the ascent to Uhuru Peak (19,500ft).  We will climb the side of the crater and should reach the top in about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  You will witness the spectacular sunrise and take many photos of your accomplishment.  We cannot stay here very long due to atmospheric conditions and extreme temperatures.  We will return directly to Barafu Campsite for lunch.  Shortly after, we will continue to Mweka Campsite (10,168 ft).  Dinner followed by Success party with cake, snacks, and drinks provided).  Sleep tight.  Lala salama

DAY 9      After breakfast ( 8AM??), we will descend through the beautiful forest (be sure to look for the famous Colobus and Blue monkies!) to Mt Kilimanjaro National Park Gate for lunch and to receive your certificate. Congratulations!  You have completed one of the greatest adventures in the world.  We will transport you to your lodge or campsite or next adventure.

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