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       We will pick you up at your arrival location and take you to your hotel.  You may have some free time to “check out” your neighborhood on your own.  Later that evening, you will meet your guide for a briefing and question and answer session, followed by a thorough check of your equipment.  If you have forgotten anything, we will provide it the next morning.  Sleep tight!

DAY 1.    You will meet your guide after breakfast and drive toward the mountain (you first view of it is breathtaking) through the first vegetation zone (agricultural), arriving at Mount Kilimanjaro National Park Headquarters, Marangu Gate (6,147 feet).  We will have our special box lunch, sign in, and begin hiking toward Mandara Hut (9000 feet), passing   through the tropical rain forest (second vegetation zone), and finding monkeys, beautiful birds, and the rare Kilimanjaro Everlasting.  This beautiful flower is protected and not found anyplace else on earth.  After our arrival, we will enjoy some tea, explore the area around the Hut, and have a nice dinner.  We trust you will sleep well in this cool, clear air tonight.

DAY 2.    After breakfast we will resume our hiking, into the moorland (third vegetation zone), to Horombo Hut (12,400 feet).  On the way you can see Mawenzi Peak and the glaciers at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.  The flowers  and fauna you will see are unique to the area including the giant lobelia and the giant groundsels, as well as different birds and a unique terrain.  During our hike, you will have a chance to enjoy lunch and a short period of resting.  After our arrival at Horombo Hut, you will get to see down to the city at the foot of the mountain, Moshi Town, as well as a beautiful sunset.  Enjoy your dinner, and have a good night’s sleep.

Day 3.    This is a good day for acclimatization.  We will take you on a leisurely hike to the saddle, the connecting land between Mawenzi and   Kilimanjaro peaks, passing by the unique wall of zebra rocks.  From the end of the saddle you can see Kibo Hut (your next destination) and the red hills landscape, a gorgeous sight.  This hike is great for picture taking!  Your hot lunch will be waiting for you when you return to the Hut, and you will have  the afternoon for rebuilding your energy before dinner.  (OPTIONAL DAY, BUT WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT )

DAY 4.    This morning, we will begin our trek through the moorland, passing the “last water point” into the next vegetation zone, the desert.  As we cross the saddle, the land becomes more desert-like, as plants and animal life are less plentiful.  Views of Mt Kilimanjaro from here can be fantastic as we get nearer to the top.  The glaciers are sparkling bright in the sunlight and some of your most favorite photos can be taken from here.  Again, we will stop for a brief luncheon, taking in the clean, energizing air.  When we arrive at Kibo Hut (15,580 feet) you will find your hot tea and cookies waiting.  After a light dinner, your guide will visit, giving final instructions for your final ascent. You will retire early, as your hike to the top begins about midnight.  You will have the adventure of your life tomorrow...sleep well.

DAY 5.   After a short sleep, we begin our final ascent at midnight.  The sky is filled with stars, the weather is cold and crisp, and there is a hint of excitement in the air.  The air is thin, with less oxygen, but we continue our strong hike, stopping for short rests occasionally, arriving in about 5 hours, at Gilman’s Point (18,633 ft), which is on the crater rim.  We will continue around the rim, observing a beautiful sunrise.  When we arrive at the peak, the Roof of Africa, (19,340 feet), we will stay there for a short time for photographs, admiring the views, then begin our descent to Kibo Hut.   After a well-deserved rest, we will continue to Horombo Hut for dinner and overnight there.

Day 6.  After breakfast we will descend to Mandara Hut, where we will stop for lunch.  Then we head to the National Park Gate, where your guide will issue certificates to all those who accomplished one of the greatest adventures on Earth!  Congratulations!

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